Name: Geet Awana

Work address: Epinal Way, LE113TU, Sir David Davies Building, Loughborough University

Home address: House number 76, Hermitage road, LE114PE, Loughborough

Date of Birth: 06-04-1994

School: Mayoor School, NOIDA (10th-9.6/10 c.g.p.a./12th-86.25%)

University: B.Sc and M.Sc. in Physics from Delhi University (2012-2017) and Ph.D. in characterization of spintronic devices from Loughborough University (2017-2021)

Conferences and awards:

1. IOP Magnetism Conference 2017 University of York (11th-13th December 2017)

2. ISIS Neutron Training Course Didcot (27th February-8th March 2018)

3. IOP Magnetism conference 2018 Manchester (9th-10th April 2018)

4. Science Matters conference at Loughborough University (25th June 2019)

5. Best physics demonstrator foundation lab 2019

6. Runner up for Sir David Davies award 2019

7. UK Magnetics Society conference (25th-26th Aug 2020)

8. Virtual International Conference on Physical Sciences (5th-6th Feb 2021). Young Researcher Award

9. Sir David and Lady Wallace Prize 2022


1. G. Awana, C. Cox, G. Venkat, K. Morisson, Z. Zhou and D. Backes, 'Magnetic and structural properties of CoFeB thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition', Mater. Res. Express (2020)

2. Ph.D. awarded in structural and magnetic characterization of magnetic thin films used in memory based devices from Loughborough University (20th December 2021)  

3.G.Awana, R. Fujita, A. Frisk, P. Chen, Q. Yao, A. J. Caruana, C. J. Kinane, N-J.  Steinke, S. Langridge, P. Olalde-Velasco, S. S. Dhesi, G. van der Laan, X. F. Kou, S. L. Zhang, T. Hesjedal and D. Backes “Critical analysis of proximity-induced magnetism in MnTe/Bi2Te3 heterostructures” Physical Review Materials 5, 5 (2022) 

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